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Let´s Make Art: With Scrap Paper
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Let´s Make Art With Scrap Paper shows you how to weave paper into skyscrapers, make shaggy dogs from old newspaper, create a mosaic smiley snail, assemble an elephant-shaped bookmark from cardboard and old magazines and much, much more. Techniques include drawing, painting, printing, collage, making rubbings and paint-scraping - used in ingenious ways for fantastic results! A collection of fun, simple, inexpensive craft projects, ideal for time-poor parents and budget-challenged schools, promoting reuse and recycling. Beautifully designed, the book is clearly and appealingly illustrated with step-by-step instructions and engaging artwork. Each activity is straightforward and achievable, and as such allows stressed or anxious children to ´make it happy´, building confidence in their own abilities. Other titles in the series include Let´s Make Art By Printing and Stamping, Let´s Make Art with Everyday Things and Let´s Make Art with Hands and Feet, so there´s a whole load of upcycling fun to be had!

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